11 de junio de 2010

Opening night 200 BAGUES/ 20 CREATEURS

My little piece of paradise

Such a nice evening spent showing rings, saying hi to friends and to nice strangers , having a glass of wine (or two) ,we were enchanted by this univer of rings, more than 200 rings exposed! thanks to everyone who came to the Gallery. (and thanks to those who bought mine)..

Fue una tarde-noche muy agradable que comparti entre amigos, conocidos y curiosos que admiraron, probaron y compraron anillitos, esto se tiene que repetir ...rendez-vous finales de Septiembre.

2 comentarios:

Galit dijo...

So exciting!
Looks like you had wonderful time.
Your display looks great!

Lunaticart dijo...

Thank you Galit, it was really nice, I had the chance to meet wonderful jewellers and of course the chance to sell!