12 de febrero de 2010

Day 6 Ring a day

Mouse Ring
Encontre este ratoncito (que da piruetas por cierto) a un lado de mi mesa de trabajo, mi hijo lo dejo  ayer y la verdad me rio tanto cada vez que da la vuelta completa que le consacre un anillo solo para este raton mecanico. Ya habian visto un raton en rosa metalico tan padre como este?

My son forgot this mechanic mouse next to my jewelry bench, I can' stop laughing  watching it make complete turns (no matter how many times I see it a day) that I had to make a ring in honor to him, have you ever seen a metallic pink mouse this cool?

3 comentarios:

XauXau dijo...

Oh, my Gosh! This is soooo cute!! I already was astonished by 4th Day ring and this is such a nice follow up!

Bere? You rock!! ;)

Berenice Schaltegger dijo...

Thank you Darling!! you are such a sweetheart! How is school going?

XauXau dijo...

Oh, I am back in Latvia and 100% into my reports.. 1 from 4 is already finished! :)

It's so cool that you participate in this 365 something. Nice way how to boost yourself in creating something new everyday, isn't it?

And say hello to Teva! He is such a sweetheart! :)